Jason Mears Quartet

Spring 2017 recording project

Help cover studio costs to record 6 new compositions


under “Program” choose Mears Recording Project


The compositions for Jason Mears Quartet are notated and designed to allow the performers to absorb and utilize the material quickly freeing them from the page. Formally speaking, the music is modular and not meant to be played linearly. It is like a mobile where sections spin and overlap generating new experiences and combinations with each revolution and angle from which it is viewed. Each performer has complete autonomy navigating through composed material, systemic improvisation, and open improvisation. The music is designed not to be reliant on virtuosic soloists to create the narrative and maintain intensity. Rather, it is dependent on group interaction to generate energy and shape the listening experience.

Live at the Firehouse Space Brooklyn, New York 10/02/16

Jason Mears- saxophones

Quentin Tolimieri- piano

Kevin Farrell- bass

Andrew Drury- drums